Genealogical Abstracts Of Revolutionary War Pension Files

(First Edition)

Abstracted by

Virgil D. White

These abstracts were taken from the Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Application Files located in National Archives Microfilm Series M805. Some of the' entries were supplemented with data taken from National

Archives Series M804. There are literally thousands of births, deaths and marriages that predate 1800 and many thousands more that predate 1830. Some of the files contain genealogical data that predates 1700. We have attempted to abstract every- thing of genealogical value from these files. This was a monumental undertaking and consumed over 11,000 man-hours.

Everyone interested in genealogy should have a copy of these abstracts or have access to a copy of them. All libraries as well as all historical and genealogical societies should have a copy of these abstracts.

The genealogical data contained within these abstracts are as shown in the files and include genealogical data on every person related to the veteran, his wife or widow and . their families. The data varies within the various claims however many will contain; dates and places of births, marriages and deaths, names of previous and subsequent wives or husbands and genealogical data as shown in the claims, immigration data, the various places of residence including the dates or time frame, date and place of application for pension of both the veteran and widow when applicable, pension file numbers and Bounty Land Warrant application numbers, there are cross-references for entries under more than one spelling. The entries are in alphabetical order with the surnames in BOLD CAPITALIZED print. The veteran's service data may contain date and place of enlistment or volunteering for service, whether service was in the Continental Line, State Militia, Independent Unit, Volunteer Unit and service in the Navy aboard Federal, State and Privateer ships.

Volume IV contains an index of 399,096 entries. This index is a full name index of every person as shown in the abstracts.

Vol I A-E (ISBN 0-945099-16-9), Vol II F-M (ISBN 0-945099-17-7), Vol III N-Z (ISBN 0-945099-18-5), Vols I, II & III Set ISBN (0-9455099-15-0), Vols I, II & III LCC #90-063006, Vol IV Index (ISBN 0-945099-19-3) (Vol IV LCC # 92-062545)

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Index To Revolutionary War Service Records

(First Edition)

Transcribed by

Virgil D. White

This is an index to the military service records of the Revolutionary War Army and Navy personnel as well as for some civilians who performed many different types of service for the military during the Revolutionary War. The military entries vary in the type of data given and may include; unit of service whether Continental Line, State Militia, Independent Unit, Volunteer Unit or service in the Navy and may show if the Navy service was on board a US vessel, State vessel or Privateer vessel, rank and state from which service was performed. The entries for civilians also vary in content, some of the types of service performed were; Accountant, Attorney, Auditor, Commissioner, Committeeman, Conductor, Constable, Farmer, Governor, Hired Man, Judge, Justice of the Peace, Labourer, Nurse, Selectman, Storekeeper, Witness and others. There are entries for those who served in the Commissary General's Department and the Quarter Master General's Department. There are entries for each tour of service as well as for service shown under more than one name or variants of name. There are cross-references for service in more than one unit. This index was prepared from records located at the National Archives.

This is really a beautiful set of books and they contain over 390,500 entries which would have been the majority of the able bodied white male population in 1775-1784 that supported the Continental Congress military effort during the Revolutionary War, some women and negroes also performed service for the military during this time.

Every library as well as all historical and genealogical societies should have at least one copy of this index. This index will give the information needed to access the oldest set of records our nation has. This is an index to the records of the men and women who with enormous personal sacrifices endured so much in helping to establish this great country in which we enjoy the greatest freedom on the earth.

Vol I A-D (ISBN 0-945099-28-2), Vol II E-K (ISBN 0-945099-29-0), Vol III L-R (ISBN 0-945099-30-4), Vol IV S-Z (ISBN 0-945099-31-2), Four Volume Set ISBN 0-945099-27-4, LCC #95-068157

Size 8 X 11, 3107 pages, acid free paper, Library Quality Buckram Covers, Price $335.00 plus shipping and insurance based on zip code, Shipping Weight of four volumes 20 lbs